There aren't any jeans in Westeros

But if there were, we have a hunch Revtowns would reign supreme. Tried-and-true denim with a touch of stretch, our jeans perform as well in the heat of the battle as they do on a leisurely [horse] ride through the countryside.

Here are the jeans we think the GoT characters would be sporting:

Image: HBO

Jon Snow

As a man of the night's watch, Jon's monochrome black-on-black look is the perfect fit for our Sharps in Coal Black.


The Night King

He's as cold as ice, just like his jeans. The new light wash Sharps in Vintage Indigo are the ideal color for blending into arctic surroundings.

Image: HBO

The Hound

Not quite armor, but maybe just as durable, the Automatics in Steel Grey would accommodate the Hound's near-superhuman size with ease.

Image: HBO

Jamie Lannister

One of the most popular Revtown washes, Dark Indigo sports traditional gold stitching that a Lannister could never resist.

Image: HBO

Samwell Tarly

As timeless as a library full of age-old stories, the Automatics in Rinse Indigo have a subtly strong look with plenty of built-in comfort.

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