This is Revtown—the home of premium, performance jeans at an incredible price.

By applying the game changing elements of performance apparel—comfort, function and durability—to denim, we created the most comfortable, best performing pair of jeans around.

But don't take our word for it, try them for yourself.

"Normal jeans just confine me, they restrict me. Revtown jeans let me move."


We're all about the fabric

Our jeans are made from a proprietary Italian fabric we call Decade Denim. It's tried-and-true denim, infused with a touch of stretch and woven with a strong, durable thread.

The result? Jeans that stretch where you need them to and snap back into place time after time. Perfect for athletes, guys with a bigger lower body, and, well, anyone that wants to be comfortable in their jeans.

"I was so prepared to return these jeans the same day I got them but instead I found the first pair in 7 years of working out that fit my waist, quads, AND calves."

- Henry H.

We also make tees.

Soft, breathable, Pima Cotton tees that feature our signature Revtown stretch. They're versatile enough for anywhere the day takes you—and easy on your wallet.